About Me, I am a Christian and place my faith and trust in God, but serve all faiths, mixed faiths, etc.  I am certified as a Non-denominational Minister of the Universal Life Church, Inc., allowing me the flexibility to serve all people.  I am also a professional musician and singer, and can provide music along with the wedding ceremony.  A demo CD is available if you would like to consider music services.

As a Wedding Minister & Officiate, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people, partake in beautiful surroundings and most of all; I enjoy the ability to unite two people in love as they begin their new life together as husband & wife. 

With over 20 Years Experience as a Minister and Wedding Officiate, I have been certified by "Universal Life Church" (non-denominational) located in Modesto, California since 1981.  I have officiated weddings large and small, traditional and non-traditional including theme weddings.  I have provided wedding services in California, New Mexico and now Florida since my relocation in 2002. 

Whatever Your Desires, you can count on me to listen to your needs and to prepare and present your ceremony just the way you want it to be.  Please see "Services" page for further information.  You may reach me through this website using the "Contact Me" form, or call direct (727) 688-2288 to discuss your wedding date and plans. 




Michele McAteer, Minister


Universal Life Church, Non-denominational


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